3 Secrets to Training Your Children How to Handle Money

Do you know how to build a solid foundation for your child’s faith and financial future? Money can become a useful tool for them to participate in building God’s Kingdom. Or it can become a significant pothole in the development of their faith and relationship with Jesus. Join us as we explore this challenge with Jonathan Medina, an experienced Elementary Christian educator. In this episode, we reveal three Biblical principles essential to getting your kids off to a great start in learning how to manage their money.

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We have been busy in the studio and are excited for the series we are presenting in May. Our current series “Money, Sex, and Power,” looks at the issues facing families related to stewardship, purity, and the draw of social media and being an influencer in today’s modern world.

We have some amazing guest speakers lined up who bring a wealth of insight for you and your family. Whether you are teaching your children about money and how to honor God as you make it and spend it, the draw of social media and how to navigate that crazy world with your kids, or remaining sexually pure in a world that celebrates the opposite, we have information that will help you.

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