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The voice of secular culture is lying to your children

Social media, TV, movies, books, magazines, video games, advertisements, classrooms, and even playgrounds are being used to saturate your children with images and messages that contradict the teachings of Jesus.

His messages are subtle, suggestive and they never stop. They appeal to your child’s senses, fears, their desire to get along, and their need to be accepted by their peers. They fit comfortably within the fabric of our secular culture. Most often his messages aim at creating small shifts in their thinking, shifts that create a little bit of doubt, a touch of distance, division, or an unhealthy independence that slowly paves a new path for them… away from Jesus.

His goal is simple… undermine your child’s confidence in God and His Word, then build a secular worldview in them that leads them away from the life Jesus has for them.

The impact it is having on our children

Screen Time is having a Huge Impact on Kids

More than half of our children spend over four hours per day using some type of screen-based media, one-fourth spend over eight hours per day looking at a screen.

Google is our children’s primary source of sex education, not their parents.

Most view science and faith as contradictory and accept science as a better source of truth than the Bible.

The Inerrantcy of God’s Word is Under Attack

Twice as many people in our children’s generation identify themselves as atheists than in older generations.

Nearly two-thirds believe the Bible is not accurate. Only 4% have a view of the world that’s consistent with God’s Word.

Two-thirds of our children believe that lying is acceptable. Over half regard church as irrelevant to them.

Most do not believe in absolute truth.

Gender Roles and Identity are in Question

One third believe that how they feel determines their gender, not their biological sex.

12% do not consider themselves heterosexual.

Spirituality is a low priority, and spiritual maturity is not a worthy ambition.

Their highest goal is to finish their education and begin a career.

Living Out Christianity is a Struggle

Our kids struggle with indecision, experiencing confusion and anxiety when making hard choices.

Young Christians are struggling more than other generations to learn how to live out their faith.

This generation is more willing than others to have their beliefs challenged by those whom they trust.

We Understand, and We can Help

Your children are priceless. You’d do anything to make sure they’re equipped to follow Jesus their whole life. BUT… You can’t silence the voice of secular culture and you can’t isolate your child from him. You don’t want to risk your child walking away from their faith, but you don’t have the time, tools, or training to overcome his negative influence…

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