Listeners are Deeply Impacted by the Unshakable Faith Broadcast

Every once in a while, it’s refreshing to see the fruit of your labor and then witness God opening up a path to expand your ministry. That’s what we’ve experienced over these past months. I’ll share two comments we’ve received from parents who we’ve been building into through our weekly radio program on KPXQ 1360AM:

  •  “I’ve recently found your Unshakable Faith series, and I love to listen to the messages. I can’t thank you enough for your time and expertise… your ministry is a literal saving grace.”
  •  “You showed me how to pray and have faith. It was not a coincidence that you shared that, and I heard it. God knew I needed that. My faith has been elevated to a new level.”

Our Long Term Goals

When we launched Legacy, we crafted our ministry as a strategic, long-term response to the devastating secular influence on the hearts and minds of our children. Our work is like farming. We sow the seed of God’s Word into the hearts of Legacy families. We water it, and nurture it, always looking forward in anticipation of the coming harvest. It’s painstaking work because it often appears as though nothing is happening. But then, the first sprouts of new growth appear! And we know the harvest we long for is coming. God is at work empowering parents to raise their kids with unshakable faith in Jesus Christ.

A New Opportunity to Reach More Listeners

But that’s not all God is up to lately! He’s also opened a path to expand the impact of Legacy Family Ministries significantly! Currently, the live broadcast of our weekly radio program covers only central Arizona, ministering to about 50,000 families. Crawford Media Group contacted me after hearing our broadcast. They have offered us a way to minister to 10x the number of families we are serving now. They want to put Legacy on six new stations across the western USA. The number of families we would strengthen and build into weekly would increase to half a million!

Can You Help?

We’re thrilled with the opportunity God has placed before us. However, any increase in the size of our ministry comes with increased costs. We estimate that it will take between one to two years for the radio ministries to become self-supporting with new donors we are serving through those broadcasts. To get started, we must trust God to provide the necessary funds needed for at least the first year before moving forward. First year costs are approximately $45,000. We know that God has chosen to provide for His work through the generosity of His people. Therefore, we’re asking you to partner with us in seeking God’s provision in one or more of the following ways:

  1. Pray!
  2. Consider making a generous year-end donation to move us closer to our goal, or
  3. Referrals! Do you know a friend, business, or other organization you could introduce us to that may be willing to invest with us? If so, call Steve at 623-202-1611 or email us at