Throughout the year you have heard us talk about this new venture into radio broadcasting that has opened up to us. I wanted to give you a quick overview of what the last 7 months have looked like for us as we have incorporated this into our weekly rhythm. It has been so much fun to see doors open and lives touched through this avenue.

Starting a Radio Broadcast Ministry

At the end of 2020, we laid out the goals that were in front of us for the new year. Starting a radio broadcast was not amongst the things that we had on our radar. Then one day Steve gets a call from Marc Lucas, who has a radio show and is a friend of a friend, asking if Steve would be the guest on his show. He had heard about Legacy Family Ministries from our mutual friend and after digging into who we are and what we are about determined that he needed to have Steve on as a guest. Well, little did we know, Marc is also the ministry director for Faith Talk 1360 and after meeting with Steve and having several conversations with him, he invited us to have our own broadcast.

Unshakable Faith Radio Broadcast is Born

“Unshakable Faith” had it’s first broadcast the first week of March and we’ve been on the air every Tuesday at 4:00 ever since. It has been an amazing experience. God not only brought it to us but has also provided the funding needed to meet the extra expenses involved in the broadcast. As you can ascertain from the title of the show, we talk a lot about building Faith in Jesus that is Unshakable, but it is geared specifically to parents regarding building an unshakable faith in their kids so when their kids reach adulthood, they will still be following Jesus and leading the next generation to do the same.

Amazing Guests on the Program

Throughout the last 7 months, there have been many conversations that have just been me and Steve talking about faith and identity in Christ; but we have also had some amazing guest speakers who have joined us in the studio.

  • We have hosted Joel Sinclair, high school director and apologist, and his wife Rebeccah talking about the media’s messaging and how it’s geared toward the world’s views on sexuality and identity.List to that broadcast here.
  • Robby Lashua, apologist, has been on discussing a wide range of topics from the Resurrection to Truth. Click here to list to the “Top 3 Lies about Truth.”
  • Amy Sun, former missionary and teacher, has talked with us about building a prayer life in your family and then she came back on with her daughter Serene to talk about raising a pro-life kid.
  • We have had published author Erica Wiggenhorn talking about overcoming fear.  Here she talks about overcoming barriers to growing faith.
  • Levi and Jamie Molkentin, our beloved Middle School directors, have been on to talk about science and the Bible. Listen to that broadcast here.
  • And we have been excited to host area pastors and ministry leaders as they have shared their passion for ministry and family. We have a special series planned for November to highlight National Adoption Month where we get to talk about our adoption story and then have other guests on sharing their adoption stories.

God is Moving!

In the midst of all of this, we have seen God’s hand moving and hearts being touched. Next month we will share with you a little deeper on opportunities that have been presented to Legacy Family Ministries as a result of this new endeavor this year. Please continue to be praying for us as we step into the open doors that God brings our way. And if you haven’t had opportunity yet to listen in, you can find us wherever you listen to podcasts! Just look up “Unshakable Faith”. We hope you are blessed by what you hear.