Reflecting Back

Summer is drawing to a close and kids have headed back to school. I love the rhythm of this time of the year. There is a certain pace that gets set and my eyes are always a month or two ahead. Apples. Fall leaves. Pumpkins. Thanksgiving and then Christmas just around the corner. I love listening to the kids talk about what they are excited about in the coming months as their anticipation also begins to build. But in the midst of that, I want to look back as well and keep track of where we have been, lest we rush through one season and miss the blessings that God brought our way.

Summer always goes by so fast and Legacy’s family camp is definitely a highlight of our summer season. So much time and effort goes into the planning stages and you blink and it’s over! I shared last month that we had approximately a 25% increase in attendance this year over last year with more than 90 people in attendance. There were many new faces this year as well as a good number of returning families. The predominate comment that we heard over and over was – This is just what my family needed.

A Focus on the Resurrection of Jesus

One of the sessions focused on the resurrection of Jesus. Parents learned why this is such an important aspect of our faith and how to help their children refute culture’s claims that it didn’t really happen. For each age range of kids, they learned about different aspects of the resurrection and how to stand firm in their faith knowing that Jesus is alive! As part of this, they were encouraged to share their faith as they go out into everyday life.

One of the children shared with his teacher that his dad doesn’t believe this to be true and how can he share his faith when he’s out with his dad. The teacher was able to come alongside this little boy and encourage him how to be a light to his father in his own home as well as while he’s going about his day. And she was then able to reach out to the mom and encourage her and offer support for after they left camp. This mom happened to be one of our last minute additions and had been overjoyed when we were able to make room for her and her child. Watching God open doors for them to come and then meet very deep personal needs was amazing.

Highlight: Outdoor Adventure Encounter

A highlight of the last couple of years has been having Outdoor Adventure Encounter come and do our field games on Saturday afternoon. These guys do an amazing job of bringing families together to PLAY. And whether your family has a 4 year old or 14 year old, it is so fun to watch the team work, camaraderie, laughter, and play as families hit the field for water games. The rain held off for us this year so we could complete the entire session they had planned, but the thunder and lightening did finally chase us off the field and into dry clothes.

Favorite Memories

And as I sit here remembering the different moments, I must say one of the biggest blessings of the entire weekend was worship on Saturday night led by many of our students. With the city fire ban, our campfire time was cancelled, but worship was not! We gathered with our hearts and our voices and lifted the name of Jesus. It was a sweet time.

Thank you for your support of Legacy Family Ministries! Lives are being changed, parents are being ministered to, and kids are learning to stand firm in the midst of a culture that is determined to undermine Christ. We could not do this without you!