Counter Culture:
The Roadmap to Victory

Joshua 24:14

June 24-26, 2022 or July 8-10, 2022

Counter Culture

TWO DATES to choose from:

  • June 24-26, 2022, or
  • July 8-10, 2022


Pinerock Camp & Retreat Center
1400 Pine Dr. Prescott AZ 86303



Standard Cabin – A free-standing cabin just for you and your family with beds and one private bathroom. Guests will need to bring their own linens: sleeping bags or sheets, blankets and pillows for the beds, and towels for showering.

Deluxe Cabin – A free-standing cabin just for you and your family. Deluxe cabins include kitchenettes, small living areas, and a private bathroom. Linens are provided for your beds. Also, towels are provided for showering.


Dinner on Friday (June 24 or July 8) is not included. So, plan to grab some food in the car on the drive up! Pinerock will provide meals beginning with breakfast on Saturday (June 25 or July 9) through breakfast on Sunday (June 26 or July 10). Legacy offers an optional Sunday picnic lunch for an additional charge. Sign-up and pricing are available at registration. Unfortunately, Pinerock and Legacy cannot provide special meals to accommodate dietary restrictions. However, refrigerated storage is available for pre-prepared meals brought by guests. Also, guests can use kitchenettes in deluxe cabins for light meal prep through Sunday morning.

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5:45 – 7:00  Check-In (Dinner not provided)

7:15 – 7:30  Drop-off Kids in Meeting Rooms

7:30 – 8:10  Welcome & Orientation

8:15 – 8:59  Worship & S’Mores by the Campfire!


8:00 – 9:00      Breakfast

9:00 – 10:15   BREAKOUT #1

10:30 – 11:45 BREAKOUT #2

12:00 – 1:00   Lunch

1:00 – 5:00     Family Fun Activities! (See “Activites” below)

5:00 – 6:00     Dinner

6:00 – 7:15     BREAKOUT #3

7:15 – 7:45     Family Worship

8:00 – 9:00     Coffee, Dessert, Fellowship & Games


8:00 – 9:00       Breakfast

9:00 – 10:15     BREAKOUT #4

10:30 – 11:30  BREAKOUT #5

11:30 – 12:00  WRAP UP & NEXT STEPS

12:00 – 1:00    Lunch

1:00                  Departure

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How do you inoculate your family against the most unbiblical and anti-gospel narrative our culture is pushing today? Our breakout sessions will equip you with five Biblical truths to overcome the five powerful lies fueling this false narrative. These Biblical truths will empower your family to live like Jesus confidently in a world running in the opposite direction. All our sessions are engaging, interactive, and age-appropriate! We never ask you or your kids to sit through long, boring lectures!

Breakout #1 “Identity Theft”

Lie #1: The most defining characteristic about me is my skin color.

The narrative of Critical Race Theory claims that your race is your most defining characteristic. God disagrees. His Word offers a much more compelling description of your true identity. This breakout will reveal what God says about who you really are and why understanding your Biblical identity is critical to following Jesus and witnessing to others in today’s culture.

Breakout Titles:

  • Adults, HS, and Jr, High: “Identity Theft”
  • Elementary: “The Most Important Thing About Me”

Breakout #2 “The Gospel -vs- CRT”

Lie #2: The biggest problem humankind faces is racism.

The woke narrative claims that the number one problem in our world is racism. God disagrees. His word identifies an accurate and comprehensive description of humankind’s chief problem and how racism fits within it. This breakout will reveal the false Gospel being fed to you and your children daily and why replacing it with the Gospel of Jesus is absolutely necessary to develop your child’s worldview and prepare them to serve Jesus.

Breakout Titles:

  • Adults, HS, and Jr High: “The Gospel vs CRT”
  • Elementary: “How Do I Understand This Big World I Live In?

Breakout #3 “In Justice, or Injustice”

Lie #3: You must become a social justice warrior.

Advocates of woke living have a calling for your child’s life; that is, to live as a social justice warrior. God disagrees. His word reveals a very different calling for your child. This breakout will reveal the true nature of that calling and how they can respond to injustice in a Godly way in the milieu of our Godless culture.

Breakout Titles:

  • Adult, HS, and Jr High: “In Justice, or Injustice”
  • Elementary: “How Does God Want Me to Help Others?”

Breakout #4 “When Equity is Iniquity”

Lie #4: Everyone must have the same thing.

Powerful CRT advocates in our culture have devised a form of “fairness” that they use as a lens to design our child’s education, entertainment, and environment. God disagrees. He has His own lens written in the word of God. His lens is perfect and leads to reconciliation and unity. This breakout will reveal how God determines what is fair, how His sense of equity should be written into our child’s worldview, and how learning to apply this is critical to our witness for Jesus in our current culture.

Breakout Titles:

  • Adults, HS, and Jr High: “When Equity is Iniquity”
  • Elementary: “How Can I Learn to be a Fair Person?”

Breakout #5 “How to Be the Next Big Influencer”

Lie #5: If you want your life to count, you must be a part of the woke movement.

The woke narrative that culture is soaking our kids in today claims that their highest calling in life is to become an influencer for their movement. God disagrees. His Word defines how a real influencer looks and lives in real life. This breakout will reveal that description to you and empower you to propel your child forward to a life that counts, not just in this world but for eternity.

Breakout Titles:

  • Adult, HS, and Jr High: “How to Be the Next Big Influencer”
  • Elementary: “What Should I Do When I Grow Up?”


Family Field Games (No additional charge. Sign-ups required.) (1 pm – 3 pm)*

Want to have a great time with your family and make some memories that you’ll laugh about together for months, or even years? Our friends from Adventure Encounter (https://www.adventureencounter.org/) will be joining us on Saturday to lead us in a fantastic time of family fun!

Zip Line, Swimming, Rock Wall (Reservations required after camp registration. Additional Charge for Zip Line and Rock Wall) (3 pm – 5 pm)* Make more memories as you fly across Pinerock’s 300 ft long zip line, or scale their indoor climbing wall!(Zip Line: Ages 7+, 250 lb weight limit; Rock Wall: Ages 7+)

*Event time may be adjusted due to unpredictable mountain weather!

NOTE: Fees paid for Zip Line or Swimming are refundable if we get rained out!

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If you choose to stay in a Standard Cabin:

Adults:                  $135/person

5-12 yrs:              $107/person

0-4 yrs:                 $10/person

If you choose to stay in a Deluxe Cabin:

Adults:                  $165/person

5-12 yrs:              $139/person

0-4 yrs:                 $10/person

If you want to bring your RV/Trailer and enjoy the meals provided by Pinerock:

Adults:                  $99/person

5-12 yrs:              $89/person

0-4 yrs:                 $10/person

If you’re a Prescott area local and want to join us for the program, meals, and games, but no lodging:

Adults:                  $75/person

5-12 yrs:              $65/person

0-4 yrs:                $10/person


Legacy Family Ministries provides all our time, materials, and other resources necessary for this family camp to you for free because of our donors’ generosity. All the funds you pay at registration go directly to Pinerock Christian Camp to cover the cost of your cabin, meals, meeting rooms, and, if applicable, activities provided by third parties. Neither the camp nor the vendors provide refunds to Legacy for part or all canceled services. Therefore, if you must cancel after you register, the amount you paid for registration is non-refundable. But, since our goal is only to ensure we meet our contracted financial obligations to Pinerock Christian Camp and our vendors and not to make a profit on this event, the amount you paid for registration may be returned to you under the following circumstance. If you inform us of your cancellation in writing to info@myLFM.org, and another family registers in your place, Legacy will reimburse you from their registration fees up to but not exceeding the amount they paid or the amount you forfeited upon your cancellation, whichever is lesser.

Register for Camp June 24-26
Register for Camp July 8-10