Did you go to summer camp as a child?

Summer camp is one of those experiences that brings us life-long memories, the ones we hold near and dear to our hearts. I clearly remember my first summer camp experience when I was in elementary school. I was probably a little too young to be away from home without mom and dad. Thank goodness for my best friend, who stuck close by me in our teepee in the woods.

After many tears that first night, mom and dad were called. Though I never saw them, somehow, I must have known that they had appeared and peaked in on me. After that night, the tears vanished, and the rest of the week was wonderful.

We filled our days with adventure as we tromped through the woods, made crafts, ate camp food, and waited for mail-call to see who had letters from home. And then there was middle school camp, where I somehow managed to throw away my retainer. This loss also brought on a tearful call to mom, who came to my rescue yet again. While she didn’t show up this time, she did call the camp nurse, who dutifully dug through every bag of cafeteria garbage with me and my ever-faithful best friend until we found the retainer (in the last bag in the bin!)

Something tells me that family camp would have been a good idea for me! I loved my time at camp, but somehow every time I went, there were tears and the need for mom and dad. The greatest thing, though, was that I knew that they were close by and only a phone call away, even in the dark ages before cell phones existed.

Summer Family Camp is Where Families Come Together

One of the things that I love the most about our summer family camp is that families come together. Moms, dads, brothers, and sisters. Friends and their families. They are all together for three days of quality time. Kids learn together with teachers who adore investing in children their age and understand how their minds work. Meanwhile, parents receive the equipping they need to build their children’s faith amidst a darkening and increasingly hostile world. They revel in the rain and sunshine together. They walk in the forest, roast marshmallows by a fire, worship, laugh, and play together.

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