Busyness and Family Camp

What a whirlwind month July has been. We have hardly had a moment to catch our breath. We are so grateful for our time at family camp. God enormously blessed us as we worked to bring all the details together. We were fully booked and the phone kept ringing with last minute additions. Though we had maxed out everything that the camp had given us, they graciously added more rooms to our reservation and allowed extra families to attend, far past our cut off date. And our amazing staff rolled with the punches as I sent daily updates on how many kids were going to be in their classes. When the final count came in, we had well over 90 people in attendance, including our staff and helpers. That was approximately a 25% increase over last year.

After Camp, the Busyness Continues

Immediately after camp Steve began prepping to speak at one of our supporting churches and spent the weekend after camp with that church family. We then prepared for our next radio recording day and recorded the next 4 radio broadcasts, the first of which aired July 27th. We were able to record and broadcast the content from several of the family camp sessions for our FaithTalk 1360 listeners.

We are closing off this crazy busy month with a virtual jog-a thon fundraiser. All participants are helping raise funds for Legacy by asking people to sponsor them as they jog, hike, or bike at the place of their choosing. Several families are gathering together tomorrow, July 31st, here in Prescott to hike Thumb Butte together. We are so thankful for everyone who has participated as a fundraiser or donor. These extra funds help to cover the costs associated with the radio broadcast.

Testimonies from Family Camp

Next month I will share some camp stories with you. But to close off this newsletter, I wanted to share with you the following comments that families made after camp. We pass this onto you as a thank you for supporting this ministry and allowing these families to be ministered to.

  • “Camp was a great experience and launching point to create a game plan for my family to follow/serve the Lord.”
  • “The family experience was worth more than any money in the world.”
  • “Iron sharpens iron! This is a must course to better equip your family to stand strong and be the salt and light God calls us to be.”