Taking Legacy to Prescott, Arizona

In the midst of a very busy season where we are gearing up for camp, we decided that summer should take on a few new and interesting twists. I shared last month that we had relocated to the Prescott area as part of our growth process for Legacy. Well, part of that relocation included buying a 41 year old house that had been poorly maintained and needed a complete remodel, but fit the budget. We had several options in front of us for how to make this all work.

And rather than living with family or in our trailer while renovations took place, we decided to get the bedrooms livable before we moved in and then just roll with it. There is comedy and challenge on every level here as we have been trying to work and live in the midst of a construction zone. While thankful for my own bed, the challenges of having a barely functional kitchen with all the kitchen necessities (including the fridge) in another room, have not gone unnoticed. There have been a few tears involved, and not from the children, as chaos has ruled over order and cleanliness.

Prescott, Arizona is an Ideal Location to Raise Our Family

This last week, while my dad was helping me paint, he asked me a loaded question. Given the opportunity to do it again, would I do anything different? Had he asked me 24 hours later, after I fell off the paint ladder, I may have answered differently! I would have done 1 significant thing differently. (Stay off the ladder!) But when he asked, I started processing though the weeks that had proceeded and recalled the campouts the kids had on the back patio, cooking smores in the barbecue, the meals under the trees, the movies and game time.

Had we done anything differently, all those things would have been lost. Other memories would have been made, but these are the ones that God intended for us and they are sweet in the midst of all the things that are challenging. And so we live without regrets and enjoy the adventures in front of us.

New friends and New Routines in Prescott

In the midst of our chaos, we have been learning new rhythms and routines and making the most of the process while digging into curriculum and planning for camp. We are fully booked and have many new families joining us this year. Please be praying for us as camp approaches July 9-11 that God would be drawing our hearts close to Him, giving us everything that we need in the midst of the lack of order that I like in life.

  • Please be praying for our staff as they finish up curriculum, that they would stay healthy (and not fall of ladders!) and dialed in to where the Spirit of God is leading them.
  • And please be praying for the families that are attending, that God would draw them closer to Himself during these days and that they would walk away with a clear plan for discipling their kids in the year to come.