Easter is a Beautiful and Special Time for the Christ-Follower

Easter is such a beautiful and special time of year as we consider our spiritual heritage. Not only is it a time rich for families to be together, but also to spend time remembering Jesus’ incredible gifts and sacrifices for us. And while I have always enjoyed this holiday, if we are perfectly honest, when you are in church ministry, Easter and Christmas present some of the most exhausting weeks of the year. There are extra services added to an already demanding schedule, and unique creative elements that have to look and feel slightly different each year while communicating the same message. You must accomplish all these extras while still meeting the regular demand of needs present in the church. The whole affair leaves you ready to bury your head in the sand and hide from all the activity. Steve and I spent the first seven years of our married life living in this contradiction of loving a beautiful and holy celebration that brings so much pressure in navigating its demands. In my experience, the more years we spent in that place, the more Easter began to feel more like a duty than a blessing. Easter worship was on it’s way to becoming a “have to” instead of a “get to.”

Easter is All About Redemption

But you see, Easter is all about redemption. Jesus is the atoning sacrifice for our wrongdoing. Jesus bought back His creation so it could enjoy its Creator. And Jesus saw my heart as it grew cold toward Easter, this beautiful day that remembers His triumph over death and the gift of new life, and decided to redeem it for me. And you know, when Jesus chooses to do something, He doesn’t do it in a small way. He goes all out.

By the time 2007 rolled around, we had been in the adoption process for many months. We were at the point of feeling that this was never going to happen. And then we met a young woman through Christian Family Care Agency, who was close to her due date, and she said she wanted us to parent the baby she carried. We were thrilled, and a different waiting game began as we looked forward to the phone call, which came two weeks later. The birth mother was on her way to the hospital. On April 6th, Good Friday, our son was born. It was indeed a very Good Friday. Two days later, on Easter Sunday, as Steve was preaching what turned out to be his final Easter services, my parents and I brought Andy home from the hospital. The following year, in 2008, mere hours before Easter Sunday, our second son was born. And in 2009, the day after Easter, we found out that we had a baby girl on the way.

Don’t Escape the Significance of Easter

I think God wanted to make a point with me, and He wasn’t about to let me escape the significance of it. Easter is a day to be cherished, never something to be brushed over, set aside, or run down. He gave us His resurrection as the ultimate victory call. The tomb was empty! Jesus won the war!! He was victorious over sin and death and handed us life. And as a reminder of that, He handed us our family. He blessed us with these beautiful babies who are now growing into beautiful young people.

How do You Need Redemption?

Easter is indeed all about redemption. What do you need redemption from right now? Take it to the cross and leave it there. And may Easter blessings overflow in your life as you look to the One who makes all things new.