What if we teach our children to share Christ?

By Amy Sun

My parents were given an expensive tapestry as newlyweds. As they unrolled it, they began to see the beautifully interwoven threads, and the picture unfolded before them. But as they looked at it, something was just…off. It wasn’t a clear picture. Knots and strings were hanging out of it. They began to wonder… it’s good, but why would someone give us THIS as a gift? Their confusion cleared as they flipped it over and realized they had been looking at the back. Honestly, it’s quite a well-done back, but it paled in comparison to the front, which was stunning.

Beautifully Woven Together

Many colors, some dark and some bright, filled the tapestry. Some beautiful and some, quite frankly, dull and dingy. But the way they are woven together creates balance and beauty. Have you ever felt that way about life? Your earthly view of life is from the backside. All you see are the knots, crisscrossed threads, and attempts to fix mistakes. You see the ugly colors. The dinge, with the occasional bright spot amidst the mess…

Life is Like a Tapestry

Life has felt like that quite a bit over the past twelve to eighteen months—lots of mistakes, both in and out of my control. I was attempting to come out of the fog from having Covid and lead my kids in righteousness.

Meanwhile, everything seemed much harder than it should, and my kids were struggling more than kids should have to struggle. Amid this season of unknowns, more dark shades hit us.

Bicycle Accident and Lizzie’s Story

My fifteen-year-old son was in a bicycle accident. Random. No one’s fault. An accident in the truest sense of the word. In comes Lizzy. I had never met her before. But while I navigated the emergency room in an attempt to address my son’s injuries, she was my daughter’s friend. She stepped up and stood by her side through the scary first few days of figuring things out.

My First Impression Wasn’t Favorable

Dark demeanor. Black clothes. Coal-lined eyes. Thick make-up. Insufficient clothing. I didn’t have time to judge; I was just grateful for her being there for my sixteen-year-old, who needed to be there for my thirteen-year-old since the two of them were suddenly going to have to face the next few days without my being around them much.

I Prayed for a Light in the Darkness

What if we teach our children to share ChristIn front of the hospital, I gathered my daughter and son together. Lizzie stood off a bit and watched with skepticism. I prayed for God’s wisdom, peace, and healing for my son, who was in the ER. Gratefully, I accepted the overnight bag they had brought me, and as I walked back inside, I prayed for Lizzie that God would bring Light to her darkness. I met her a few more times and kept praying for Light, and added in peace for her. I prayed that she would come to know Jesus.

Teaching our Children to Share Christ Starts with Prayer

I teach 2nd grade in a Christian school. My son started physical therapy a few weeks later, and God put his therapist firmly on my heart to pray for his salvation. I shared this with my students, and we added his name to the long list posted in front of the classroom. It was a list of people who need Jesus, and for who my students had committed to pray. They learned how to share salvation and were watching for the opportunity. Lizzie was on the list. November and December passed. January, February…March. Still, my students prayed. And then March 25th came.

Tragedy Strikes and Lizzie Turns to Jesus

When I arrived home from work on March 25th, my daughter told me Lizzie had been in a car accident. She was going 65 miles per hour. Her car was totaled. She should have died. Miraculously she walked away without a scrape and without transportation. She had a friend pick her up and bring her to our house, where she requested a ride home. We brought her in, held her, and gave her love. Then we sat together on the kitchen floor, and she told us what had happened.

A Bible is not a Talisman

She said, “For some reason, I had a Bible in the car. That must be why I didn’t get hurt.” Oh…God opened that door right up! I shared with her that the Bible is just a book as long as it stays closed. It’s not a magic talisman, and it doesn’t have any power until you open it up! When you open it and start reading, it comes alive! That’s where the Power is! We talked for an hour when I felt the nudge of the Holy Spirit say, “Ask her…ask her if she wants to accept me as her Savior.” So I did. And she said yes! “My life has never been so dark. I am at the bottom. I have nowhere else to go and no one to turn to. I want Jesus.”

Right there, on the kitchen floor, we grabbed hands – my daughter crying – and I prayed over her and then led her as she prayed and chose to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as her Savior. When she looked up, I saw Light shining through her. She was instantly transformed. We started laughing and crying and hugging. I told her, “Happy Birthday! THIS is your new birthday in Jesus!” Her next words were: I want to be baptized. We talked a lot after that and we talked about what baptism is and what it means. Also, we talked about where you start reading the Bible and how to study it? And then we got her home.

If we teach our children to share Christ, Some people will be Saved!

I shared the story with my class the following Monday, and the floodgates opened! Three students shared that the people they had prayed for had also come to know Jesus! One had even enrolled in a Christian school. Twins who were praying for their brother shared that he had started going to church with them. Another student said she had shared the plan of salvation with her grandpa.

I was blown away at how God had been working. We put hearts over the names of those who’d been saved, and we continue to pray for the rest of the list. (I also teach my students that people can say no when we share. It’s ok because it’s not about us; it’s their choice. We have to be obedient and share and not steal their right to make their own choice. Our physical therapist firmly told us NO. It’s ok. We continue to pray for him.

Lizzie is Baptized

What if we teach our children to share ChristOne month later, on April 24, Lizzie was baptized with her boyfriend and mom in attendance, both non-believers. Her middle-school brother has expressed interest in coming to church. God is good. God is moving. Amid difficulty and frustration, He is allowing me to model for my children and my students how to share Christ, pray, love, and disciple others.

Where we see dark and dinge, knots, coal-lined eyes, and messed-up threads, God gives us glimpses of the other side of the tapestry. That is the masterpiece that the Master has skillfully been making out of our bits and pieces. He interweaves events, people, struggles, accidents, Covid, and friends. We could view each one as an independent event. But God sees how they interconnect, and He connects them beautifully. So if you need encouragement today, ask Him for a glimpse of the other side and prepare to be wowed by your masterpiece!

Psalm 126 – A great Passage about Teaching our Children to Share Christ

Ps 126 The Lord has done great things for us,
and we are filled with joy.

Restore our fortunes,[c] Lord,
like streams in the Negev.
Those who sow with tears
will reap with songs of joy.
Those who go out weeping
carrying seed to sow,
will return with songs of joy,
carrying sheaves with them.