Of all the holidays that we celebrate throughout the year, Easter is the focal point of Christianity.  Easter is a time to celebrate together as a family. Without Easter and Jesus’ conquering death, Christianity would be like most other world religions. Worship of a person who lived and eventually died. But that is not where Jesus left us. As the Son of God, He had authority over life and death and conquered the grave by raising Himself from the dead. And that same power, as followers of Jesus, is in you! (Romans 8:11) That is something to celebrate!

Don’t Settle for a Counterfeit

Unfortunately, culture robs us of the joy of our salvation and life in Jesus as Easter becomes more about the Easter Bunny and Easter egg hunts than the empty tomb. Dressing kids up for sweet holiday pictures as they hold onto their basket of goodies creates wonderful memories as seasons are changing and we are enjoying the outdoors and sunshine. However, we need to guard against missing the true celebration of new life because Jesus overcame death and lives today.

Resources for Families

So how do you encourage your family to focus on the true meaning of Easter this April? Celebrating Easter Together

  • For younger kids, read through The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones. This is a wonderful walk through scripture that illuminates His redemptive plan from beginning to end.
  • For older kids, watch the movie The Passion of the Christ. This graphic portrayal of Jesus’ death and resurrection opens the discussion for older kids to better understand Jesus’ sacrifice on their behalf.

Always Turn to God’s Word

Most importantly, open the pages of scripture. All four gospels share different aspects of the last week of Jesus’ life, his death, burial, and resurrection.

  • Read this together.
  • Read it in a different version of the Bible than you are used to.
  • Read it at the dinner table or before bed.

Allow God’s Spirit to speak to you through His Word that never returns void.

May you be blessed this Easter with renewed worship of Jesus our Lord.