Should I Be Woke?

The last two years have brought with them a woke movement that has flooded our country like a tidal wave.

This movement is born out of Critical Race Theory, a Marxist and postmodern ideology that has infiltrated our government, schools, media, and corporations.

What is Woke?

Some of you may still be asking yourself, “What is woke?” besides just being lousy grammar. Well, to be “woke,” you must fully embrace the ideology of CRT and fully commit yourself to living as a revolutionary (i.e., a Social Justice Warrior) who is working to transform our society to reflect these Marxist, postmodern ideals.

Now, there is an element in this movement that sounds attractive to us. That is, seeking justice. Who wouldn’t want justice, especially when it comes to getting rid of the scourge of racism? So shouldn’t we all jump on the woke wagon?
The answer is no.

The Woke Movement, CRT, and Christianity

When we look under the hood of the woke movement and examine the critical race theory that helped give rise to it, what we find is a replacement for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Karl Marx and the postmodern philosophers who shaped this theory rejected God.

They rejected His view of mankind, the universal problem of sin, and His means of salvation. So they replaced His view of mankind with their own, redefined the human problem, and proposed their own path to salvation. But their path of salvation does not lead to redemption, restoration, and unity. Instead, the path they call us to divides us into tribes and sets us at war with one another.

  • In seeking justice, they commit gross injustices.
  • In seeking to end discrimination, they practice discrimination.
  • In seeking their version of equity, they abandon fair treatment of others.
  • In their attempt to transform our society, they tear it apart.

Only the Gospel of Jesus can fix this broken world and the broken people who inhabit it. CRT is a broken theory that only produces more brokenness.

Jesus is Better!

Jesus had a better solution! In His redemptive work, He has empowered us to go and be the hands and feet of Jesus to a world in great need. God cares deeply about justice, but true justice can only be accomplished as Jesus lives through us. Isaiah 1:17 instructs us to “Learn to do good. Seek justice. Help the oppressed. Defend the cause of orphans. Fight for the rights of widows.”

When we obey Him, when we go and make disciples, teaching people all that Jesus commanded, something amazing happens. The power of the Gospel transforms our culture.

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