I love it when we get to sit back and try to catch our breath at what God is doing around us. This has been one of those months and it’s so much fun!

Expanding Our Influence

One of the things that we identified during 2020 as an area for growth as Legacy moves forward is the fact that, outside of our current sphere of influence, we are virtually anonymous. Our website needs a facelift with the ability to host a resource library for parents, and we need to become known in order to grow. And while God was very clearly showing these things to us, the question of “How do we make that happen?” remained.

About a month ago Steve was introduced to Marc Lucas, who is the Ministry Director with Faith Talk 1360 AM radio. Marc invited Steve to join him on his radio broadcast to talk about ministry issues that Legacy Family Ministries addresses, primarily how to build an unshakable faith in your kids. Steve was thrilled with the opportunity and headed down to the radio station to record the segment on January 21st (to be aired Feb. 5th at 5 pm). He and Marc had a great time together talking ministry, the recording went smoothly and the time flew by. Steve and Marc had a follow up lunch this week where Marc invited Steve to host his own weekly radio show! Faith Talk Radio has a listener base of 4.1 million people that covers the entire state of AZ and streams through iHeart Radio and TuneIn worldwide.

Huge Problems to Overcome

God identified to us the problems we faced, which seemed pretty big and something that would take years of effort and building to overcome. And yet God, who is so much bigger, already knew what he had coming for us. I think He must get a pretty big kick out of watching us unwrap the gifts He has for us. And better still, the radio program has a web guy who can build the website we need that will integrate with their site in order for us to be able to use the broadcasts to build out Legacy’s parent resource library. Needless to say, we are pretty excited as we look forward to what’s ahead in the next few months.